Zayed Al-Sayyed Law Firm is a go-to law firm for aggressive compassionate representation in Phoenix, Arizona

Zayed Al-Sayyed has time and again proven his commitment to helping those caught up in complex legal matters through his aggressive yet compassionate approach to representation that ensures his clients’ best interests come first.

Personal injury law firms are growing rapidly in the United States, making it difficult to get the right representation when getting involved in legal matters. The right to an attorney is for every American, but choosing a competent attorney can be daunting. Zayed Al-Sayyed is one of the few competent personal injury attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona.

Zayed is a personal injury, criminal defense and immigration attorney who has helped thousands of Phoenix residents get the best possible results for their cases. He takes an aggressive yet compassionate approach to representation in providing legal assistance. Zayed is recognized as one of the National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40, an incredible feat among lawyers.

“Zayed Al-Sayyed Law Firm is committed to providing aggressive compassionate representation,” Zayed Al-Sayyed said. “We bring to each client a combination of our aggressive approach to their legal issues while providing a compassionate experience for our clients. From DUI criminal defense to negligence claims resulting in serious injury, our firm will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and educated about the legal process regarding your case.

Zayed Al-Sayyed Law Firm is a multilingual law firm that offers services in English, Spanish and Arabic and has created a personalized consulting experience that provides clear communication to its clients regarding their legal matters. Zayed’s expertise as a lawyer is in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, immigration law, car, motorcycle, trucking, pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

Arizona has some of the toughest criminal sentencing standards in the United States. All qualified criminal defense attorneys at Zayed Al-Sayyed Law Firm PLCC are qualified to assist anyone facing charges in Phoenix.

“While some law firms treat their clients as just another file in their workload, our lawyers recognize the importance of acknowledging each individual’s unique situation. We make it a point to customize the case strategy to meet the long-term needs of our clients and to pursue the best outcome with aggression and compassion,” concluded Zayed Al-Sayyed.

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About Zayed Al-Sayyed

Zayed Al-Sayyed is a 2009 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Arizona State University. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a 2010 Summa Cum Laude degree from Arizona State University, where he earned his Masters in Taxation. After that, Mr. Al-Sayyed earned his JD from the Phoenix School of Law, graduating Cum Laude in the top 10% of his class.

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