wh Law, a criminal defense attorney, provides legal assistance to clients with debt and financial issues in Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville, AR: wh Law helps clients file for bankruptcy, which is the first step towards regaining financial independence and beginning the process of paying off their debts. Whether they are bankrupt due to invisible medical bills, job loss or school loans, the company guides them through the process. In addition to helping customers start a new financial journey, the company helps them keep creditors from calling them at all hours. They also answer any questions or concerns the client may have regarding the processes.

After the free consultation, the bankruptcy attorney helps the client identify the best course of action as every financial situation is different. The team also assesses their monthly income, expenses, and ability to meet financial obligations before discussing the ideal option between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Through consultation and discussion of available options, the bankruptcy process is as smooth as possible.

If the client qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is often referred to as the “short and sweet” alternative, the firm helps clients navigate the process. The bankruptcy attorney educates the client on key issues and their rights during the process. With the option, they keep all of their assets, such as vehicles, homes, furniture, and retirement accounts. If the client has debts they want to keep paying, such as car bills and mortgages, the court can grant them the exception as other bumps are cleared.

wh Law also helps clients find out if they are eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and, if so, guides them through the process. For example, they must have a regular source of income to have a chance of reorganizing their debts and finances. The court then puts a trustee in charge of repayments and the management of creditors on their behalf. The main task of the company is to ensure that the client is fully informed throughout the process and knows their rights when getting rid of their secured and unsecured debts.

Additionally, the firm assists clients charged with criminal offenses to contest the charges and build a strong defense. Criminal Defense Attorney Fayetteville AR helps clients fight DWI charges and avoid license suspension, mandatory jail time and a fine. Because DWI trials are often intensive, the team analyzes the client’s case before helping them challenge the evidence presented. Other practice areas include drug possession, drug trafficking, weapons charges, white collar crime, and robbery.

wh Law is located at 2894 N. McKee Circle, Suite 108, Fayetteville, AR, 72703, USA. Clients interested in the services of a bankruptcy attorney can contact the team at (479) 250-0560. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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