Vocalmeet Delivers Unprecedented Results and Revenue Growth for Law Society Clients in 2021


Vocalmeet’s free marketing services produce unprecedented results and generate rapid returns on clients’ investments.

Continued marketing of online courses is key to success. Without it, the adoption rate (the speed at which individuals use a client’s new e-learning platform) will fall flat. »

— Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste, Vice President of Professional Services at Vocalmeet

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Jan. 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vocalmeet’s marketing assistance program delivered unprecedented results and revenue growth for bar association clients in 2021.

The revamped Marketing Assistance Program is the latest in Vocalmeet’s long line of innovations to monetize continuing education programs and accelerate membership growth.

Vocalmeet’s free marketing services produce unprecedented results and generate rapid returns on clients’ investments. Many Vocalmeet customers have realized a 300% increase in non-dues revenue from selling online courses.

Vocalmeet’s Vice President of Professional Services, Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste, outlined the direction of the Marketing Assistance Program that forms part of Vocalmeet’s triangle for e-learning success. “Continued marketing of online courses is key to success,” says Dr. Jno Baptiste. “Without it, the adoption rate (the rate at which individuals use a client’s new e-learning platform) will fall flat.”

The Marketing Assistance Program streamlines marketing efforts, enabling associations to quickly realize a return on their initial investment with ongoing visibility and professional strategic marketing. The internet is awash with bought, sold and ineffective digital ad space due to a lack of strategy. A professional marketing strategy makes the difference between simply visible and noticeable advertisements.

In addition to marketing strategy planning sessions, marketing support includes providing bar association clients with discount codes, digital marketing designs, social media support, digital strategy recordings and promotional material that they may use when offering continuing legal education courses to members and also to non-members.

The Marketing Support Program is a single service that includes Vocalmeet’s triangle for e-learning success alongside technology and technical support.

Streamlining technology prioritizes ease and efficiency, giving association staff time to focus on other member initiatives. Vocalmeet’s technology platforms streamline the e-learning approach by starting with a 2-step process for customers to easily purchase or access courses. The Vocalmeet system eliminates the tedious administrative work required to run online education programs.

Vocalmeet takes care of all aspects of implementation, platform configuration and course development, allowing clients to maximize efficiency and focus their full attention on key business initiatives. Automation is a critical component to the success of continuing education programs, which generate higher revenue and engaged members.

Vocalmeet handles all technical support requests from users, and customers are assigned a dedicated project manager to optimize technical support. The Project Manager provides a convenient and efficient single point of contact for administrative support. Attentive customer service in harmony with ease of use is key to growing membership and sales. A user-friendly solution like Vocalmeet will be much more appealing than a cumbersome alternative.

Vocalmeet’s triangle for e-learning success ensures that establishing a cutting-edge education platform has never been easier, innovating has never been easier, and the path towards monetization has never been clearer.

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