Unvaccinated villagers threatened with ban ask for legal assistance


A couple who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine risk being banned from a village in Bali and are seeking legal action for alleged rights violations.

Fery Wahyudi Satria Wibawa and his wife were recently asked to leave Gulingan Village in Badung Regency, with village elders demanding that all residents have the COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

The couple, owners of the village house and who have lived there for three years, were ordered to evacuate the village a few days ago. However, they stayed and sought legal assistance from the Bali Legal Aid Foundation (LBH Bali), which agreed to help them.

“Essentially, the village issued a written circular announcing that those who did not have a vaccine certificate would be banned from the village,” said Fery’s legal representative from LBH Bali, Felix Juanardo Winata, said yesterday.

Felix didn’t go so far as to call Fery and his wife anti-vaccines, and the attorney said they didn’t get their beatings for personal reasons.

Presidential Decree 14/2021 provides that vaccine-eligible citizens who refuse the vaccine may be subject to an administrative sanction in the form of suspension of social assistance, government services or a fine. LBH Bali argued that if Fery and his wife were to be banned, it would set a dangerous precedent for future punishments elsewhere.

“The rule is flawed. Substantially, it’s even more flawed, ”said Felix.

Ida Bagus Gangga, a traditional village chief (Bendasa) in Gulingan, said Fery could not be persuaded to get the vaccine.

“He asked if the state would be held responsible [if anything happened to him], Gangga noted.

Gangga added that the village chiefs gave Fery the opportunity to obtain a medical dispensation from a doctor, only to claim that he never went to a doctor, took any medicine or received any injections. .

Fery, meanwhile, told Badung police that he was falsely accused of being an anti-vaccine.

“I want to get vaccinated. They are going too far to influence opinion on this issue, ”he told police in his complaint.

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