The lawyers’ association alludes to a criminal act

Tinsukia: Tinsukia Bar Association has reacted strongly to the district administration’s ‘tasteless approach’ to ‘The Mirana’ hotel sealing case, calling for serious explanations from the administration and alluding to a criminal act.

Why Executive Magistrate Niluram Sarma did not exercise his powers is something the administration must explain to the citizens, the Association said.

“If the administration means that because of the District Court order and the sessions, they did not seal the hotel, they are simply misinterpreting the order for reasons they know best” , Bar Secretary and Senior Solicitor Biswajeet Prasad told reporters here in Tinsukia. , alleging that the statement by Executive Magistrate (EM) Niluram Sarma came in the afternoon when there was no court order at that time.

Lawyer Prasad said it is shocking that the administrative order to “seal” the hotel has yet to be carried out more than three days after it was issued.

On June 12, the additional deputy commissioner gave the order to seal the hotel “immediately” following the recovery of a huge quantity of alcohol without having a bar permit.

Going after the district administration, lawyer Prasad said: “If they (the district administration) can demolish something so quickly, on a public holiday at 8:00 a.m., why can’t they seal a hotel in this case with the same eagerness?”

“The right to equality has been violated at a time when the law is the same for all and everyone must be treated through the same prism. The district administration has a lot to explain. Why two sets of actions in similar cases? he asked.

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“We understand that in the other case, someone had built a hotel on government land. They could have registered an eviction case. What was so anxious to know that they had been sitting there for months and years? Prasad questioned.

“The order of the district and session judge arrived around 5 p.m.; it did not suspend the sealing order from the administration,” Prasad said, adding, “He ordered the additional deputy commissioner to reconsider the sealing order, which simply means that he is now at the discretion of the administration. IsMojo was the first to report it.

The court ordered the additional deputy commissioner to reconsider the order to completely close or seal the hotel. However, he did not put a cover on the sealing.

It can be noted that Executive Magistrate Sarma had gone to seal the hotel in the afternoon of June 13, a day after the sealing order was issued, but did not seal the hotel. When questioned by the media, he said that with the case pending, he could not seal the hotel. “In the preliminary hearing in court, it was said,” Sarma added, raising questions about how he knew what happened in court during the hearing, since he was not not present in court.

Confirming the Executive Magistrate’s schedule at ‘The Mirana’ hotel, journalist Biplop Chetia said the development happened between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. “When I asked Sarma to show the copy of the order, he refused on the grounds that it was the court’s business and therefore he could not show it,” he added.

The question now is why the officer was reluctant to show the court order to the on-site media and how the copy of the order, which was transmitted around 5 p.m. according to the secretary of the Association of Barreau, was able to reach the officer’s hands before the time. .

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When asked about the Bar Association President, Ranjit Borthakur said, “A copy of the court order is something that is published, so a public order. There is no reason why the court order cannot be shown to the media, nor any law prohibiting government officials from doing so. The court is open to all and anyone can go and hear the court proceedings. The court hearing takes place in the public room, not behind closed doors.

Taking a dig at EM Sarma, Borthakur said, “From his statement, it appears that Niluram Sarma lacks administrative knowledge.”

He added that in the case of ‘The Mirana’ hotel, there was no reason for EM Sarma not to close the hotel, dismissing another reason – a criminal case filed in this regard – which has been quoted in the media.

On June 11, the Tinsukia district administration demolished The Apu’s restaurant and 13 other establishments on the outskirts of Tinsukia town on the grounds of illegal encroachment on government land.

On June 2, a team led by an additional deputy commissioner and superintendent of excise had raided the restaurant and recovered a huge amount of alcohol without having a bar license. This was followed by a few news channels airing a report that the raid had taken place following a dispute over a bill and airing CCTV footage showing one of the officers consuming alcohol. alcohol, causing major controversy.

The administration immediately denied the report, saying it was a “planned” operation.

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