Sudan Bar Association to consult pro-democracy forces on draft constitution

Khartoum — The Steering Committee of the Sudan Bar Association has announced that it will hold meetings with the various groups that participated in the drafting of a new version of the transitional constitution that was concluded earlier this week.

Attorney Ali Geiloub, head of the SBA’s steering committee, told a press conference yesterday that they had received the latest draft of the committee’s transitional constitution on Monday.

A copy of the text was presented to the drafting committee of a number of pro-democracy political forces, which proposed some amendments and approved the final version.

The SBA steering committee intends to hold meetings with the various groups that participated in the development of the text, in order “to obtain the broadest national consensus on the project”.

These groups include resistance committees, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North under the leadership of Abdelaziz El Hilu in southern Sudan, the Sudan Liberation Movement in Darfur led by Abdelwahid El Nur, the Communist Party of Sudan, the Forces of Freedom and Change-Central Council and other smaller revolutionary forces.

Geiloub explained that the draft transitional constitution consists of 12 chapters containing 76 articles. The text stipulates the tasks and structures required for the transitional period, including the nature of the state, the supremacy of the Constitution and the law, the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary , removing the legacy of the empowerment of the regime of Omar al Bashir (1989-2019), and achieving peace throughout the country.

On August 9, the SBA launched a three-day workshop on the terms of a transitional constitutional framework.

One of the key recommendations made by workshop participants is to move the military away from politics with the aim of establishing a fully democratic civilian government.

The group also stressed the importance of transitional justice for Sudan, which would require a comprehensive reform of the military system, the security apparatus and the judiciary, all based on a new transitional constitutional document and revised laws. “according to the rights of the people which constitute the core of the revolution”.

On the last day of the workshop, a group of men in civilian clothes carrying metal urns, stones and loudspeakers attacked the SBA premises at El Amarat in Khartoum.

The group reportedly included lawyers affiliated with the overthrown Al Bashir regime and associates of various other right-wing political groups.

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