Seoul Bar Association calls for harsher sentences for crimes targeting lawyers KBS WORLD

The Seoul Bar Association will seek revisions to the Lawyers Law that will severely punish crimes targeting lawyers and their staff.

The association said on Friday it was working with the main opposition lawmaker, the Democratic Party, Chung Il-young, and the Incheon Bar Association to propose an amendment to that end.

The bill seeks to prohibit any act that interferes with the duties of lawyers and their staff through threats or verbal and physical violence, exerting pressure as well as causing damage to facilities or property in the exercise of their functions.

If parliament approves the bill, those who assault lawyers or their staff and in the process inflict bodily harm or cause their death will face increased penalties and penalties.

The association said it had repeatedly stressed the need for a tougher crackdown on such crimes and pointed to a case of arson earlier this month at a lawyer’s office in Daegu that killed seven people, including the alleged perpetrator.

Investigators say the alleged arsonist, identified only by his last name, Cheon, had a long-standing grudge against lawyers and the justice system after losing a civil property lawsuit against a development company and a trust company .

They found stab wounds on the burnt remains of victims who worked for opposing defendants, indicating the 53-year-old attacked lawyers and their staff before dumping gasoline and other combustible materials which caused the explosion and the flames.

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