Sale in progress on the former law firm Zylstra

Sale in progress on the former law firm Zylstra

A ‘sale pending’ sign outside a historic Coupeville cottage gives hope to the building on Front Street.

A large “pending sale” sign outside a historic Coupeville cottage gives hope for the Front Street building that would otherwise be slated for demolition.

Mukilteo resident Kirsten Larson, owner of ‘Cottage on the Cove’ at 6 Front Street, confirmed a sale was underway for the little blue house that was once Zylstra’s law firm and said future owners pledged to restore and preserve the structure.

The cottage was built in the early 1900s. Larson has owned it since 1980 and operated a bed and breakfast there until seven years ago when surveyors discovered structural issues that made it unsafe for guests.

The renovations needed to make the building safe, including installing a new foundation, removing the house from the street, and rewiring the building, exceeded Larson’s budget. She began looking for a willing and able buyer to take on the roughly $800,000 renovation project, determining that if she couldn’t sell the building, she would have no choice but to have it demolished. .

Interest in the building began to flow once it was listed, she said. The real estate agency received more than 100 phone calls regarding the property, and Larson received seven offers.

The intentions of all interested parties for the building are not aligned with those of Larson. The owner said some people wanted to buy it just to tear it down and build something new on it, which Larson said the city wouldn’t allow.

Larson eventually accepted an offer from someone who shared his vision for preservation.

“They are ideal people. They have a real love of history,” she said of the potential buyers, who she said wished to remain anonymous while the sale is still ongoing. “I’m happy with who we chose.”

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