rea india:, owned by REA India, will offer legal assistance to home buyers through a real estate platform

[ad_1], an online real estate company owned by REA India, has partnered with online legal aid startups to provide legal advice and assistance to home buyers.

REA India has partnered with startups LegalKart, Lawrato, Vidhikarya and Vakil Search, to help buyers or investors in their real estate buying journey.

Consumer surveys have shown that this is a major problem for consumers and that this offering will go a long way in meeting that need, the company said.

“In addition to requiring a significant down payment, real estate purchases can also involve legal complexities that must be dealt with with the help of an expert. This can be extremely overwhelming for home buyers, who may not be completely familiar with the myriad legal and financial procedures involved in real estate purchases, ”said Dhruv Agarwala, Group CEO,

The decision to launch our new service was taken by the company to respond to another task that a buyer has to undertake while buying a home at a very affordable price, ”said Agarwala.

The company will provide legal services to its clients in a number of cities across the country.

Using the services offered by the Housing Edge platform, homebuyers would not only get all their legal questions answered, but also assistance in drafting and executing documents related to the property, such as the deed of sale. and the sales contract. The company will also offer advice to buyers / investors regarding title deed and its registration.

These services would also be available to customers who use the or services, the other two brands owned by REA India.

“It has been our constant effort to make the home buying journey hassle-free for our clients. With this as a guiding principle, we have recruited our new partners who will help our clients manage any legal requirements they may have along their journey, ”said Sangeet Aggarwal, Product and Design Manager, Housing. com.

All a user has to do to benefit from these services is to simply submit a request on one of our platforms. Our partners will immediately connect with users and help them find all the answers they need, ”Aggarwal said.


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