Prosecutors reject criticism of legal advice app

In this file photo, people walk past a billboard advertising LawTalk, an online service that connects clients and lawyers, in Seoul on August 4, 2021. (Yonhap)

SEOUL, May 12 (Korea Bizwire)The Seoul Central District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday dismissed charges that popular legal advice app LawTalk and its operator Law & Company Co. violated the Lawyers Law and the Privacy Act.

The prosecutors’ office found it unreasonable to believe that LawTalk’s mode of operation, in which it receives no commission from member lawyers other than advertising, violates the Lawyers Act which prohibits the acts of presenting or recommending a designated attorney.

On charges that the “AI-based sentence estimation service” was run when it was not a lawyer, the prosecutor’s office dismissed the charges since the service is offered free of charge.

The prosecutor’s office also dismissed the charge that the slogan used in LawTalk’s ad that claims to “assess a case in 15 minutes by a lawyer” provides false information that LawTalk itself offers legal services.

Another allegation that LawTalk violated privacy law for unlawfully collecting court cases containing personal information was also dismissed by the prosecutor’s office since LawTalk collected them through the official court website. country, leaving no evidence of illegal tampering with its servers.

The case went viral after a bar association sued Law & Company in the prosecutor’s office in November 2020.

Kevin Lee ([email protected])

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