Priyanka provides legal assistance and compensation to family of Agra victim


Congress again made a big announcement on Thursday to help relatives of safai worker Arun Valmiki, who died in custody after being suspected of being behind the theft of malkhana from a police station in Agra .

Previously, Congress awarded compensation of Rs 1 crore each to farmers and a journalist killed in the violence in Lakhimpur Kheri.

Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who visited Agra on Wednesday evening and met with family members of the victim, provided legal aid to the family in addition to compensation of Rs 30 lakh to dependents of Arun. She met Arun’s wife and mother and other relatives

The UP government has already announced compensation of Rs 10 lakh and government employment in Agra Nagar Nigam to one of the victim’s dependents.

“Arun Valmiki’s relatives told me that the whole family had been tortured. They claimed that Arun Valmiki received electric shocks and that his hands were crushed under a chair by the police. In addition, around 40 members of the Valmiki community were also arrested and tortured. Congress Secretary General told reporters.

“I have been working for two years in Uttar Pradesh and saw that there is no justice for Dalits and women in this state,” she said and added: “The law in this country does it only save the sons of ministers? A minister’s son can do anything but, on the other hand, a poor family is harassed without anyone hearing it. “

Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra claimed on Thursday that Yogi Adityanath’s government was planning to take action against some policewomen who posed for a photo with her.

“The news arrives that Yogi ji is so upset with this photo that he wants to take action against these policewomen,” Priyanka Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet with the photo allegedly clicked on Wednesday while it was on it. drive to Agra to meet the family of the Dalit sanitation worker who died in custody.

“If it is a crime to take pictures with me, then I should also be punished because it is not right for the government to ruin the careers of these hardworking and loyal police officers,” Priyanka added.

Secretary General of Congress was arrested on Agra-Lucknow highway on her way to meet Arun’s family members accused of stealing Rs 25 lakh from Jagdishpura Malkhana police station in Agra and died in police custody after his health deteriorated during interrogation.

According to a senior Lucknow police official, an investigation has been ordered into the case of female police officers posing with the secretary general of Congress to see if there has been a breach of service rules.

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