Parliamentarians push to ratify Namibia-Russia legal assistance agreement

Staff reporter

VEIKO NEKUNDI, Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport joined the fray of MPs who called for the ratification of the Russian-Namibian mutual assistance in criminal matters.

“First, let me thank the Minister of Justice for tabling this long-awaited treaty for ratification by this August House. I say for a long time, because the agreement was already signed on October 8, 2018,” Nekundi said during a parliamentary debate on the agreement this week.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works said Namibia’s long history with the Russian Federation is strong and deep.

Photo: Veiko Nekundi. Photo: Contributed.

“It has always been and still is based on respect for each other’s strategic autonomy and value propositions in all of our interactions. I have no doubt that its solidity forms the fundamental basis for ratifying this important instrument,” Nekundi said.

The minister added that although Russia is a superpower of this world, records show that it does not act on threats against the weakest, but only acts in self-defense, which all Reasonable state must do, and that it also does not apply double standards. .

“Besides China, Russia is one of only two superpowers in this world that is not a chameleon like many others that unilaterally denies mutually ascending instruments. Indeed, the Russian Federation is a partner trustworthy, and the ratification of this important instrument will only further strengthen our mutually beneficial relationship that we have enjoyed for decades,” the Minister said.

Nekundi further argued that crime is now being exploited and facilitated on the scale and spear of a global village, involving nationals of multiple states committing crimes in different sovereign states.

“Crime and criminal activities have modernized and evolved into very sophisticated modes. Therefore, the need to strengthen our joint operations by developing and entering into an international legal framework for cooperation in mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between our two States,” the Minister said.

He concluded that the treaty will enhance Namibia’s ability to successfully investigate and prosecute a number of criminal offenses of particular interest to Namibian and Russian Federation law enforcement agencies.

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