Panchkula Extortion Racket: Former Chandigarh Bar Association Head Named in Latest FIR

The latest FIR in connection with the Panchkula extortion racket names a former chairman of the Chandigarh District Bar Association (DBA) as one of the defendants.

There are charges of extortion, criminal intimidation, cheating and criminal conspiracy in the sixth FIR registered by Panchkula Police, which names former Chandigarh DBA chairman NK Nanda as racketeering kingpin Anil Bhalla and his business partner, Amarjeet Garg.

The FIR was registered on the complaint of Fatehabad resident Parmod Mahajan, who is also a business partner of Bhalla and Garg. Mahajan had said that in May 2016 he planned to buy a house in Sector 46, Chandigarh, for which he had paid 10 lakh as registration amount to the owner of the house, Sohan Singh.

But Singh took his own life in August 2016, after which his family members accused him and some bank officials of inciting suicide.

Realizing this, Garg offered to help him solve the problem through Bhalla and Nanda in return for 20,000,000. Mahajan alleged that when they all met Nanda, he ensured the cancellation of the FIR within minutes, as he had close ties to senior Chandigarh police officials. Mahajan said he was told to pay 10 lakh of the total transaction amount, which he did.

But eventually, he learned that he had never been named in the FIR for incitement to suicide. When he asked for a refund, Bhalla, Garg and Nanda threatened him and also had him arrested on September 29, 2018. But he was released on bail. Later, they sent thugs to his house, forcing him to flee to Fatehabad with his wife and children.

Responding to the allegations, Nanda said he was only a legal adviser to Bhalla, who contacted him to also help someone facing suicide charges, but he never met that person.

He alleged that Panchkula Police recorded FIRs based on complaints from Bhalla enemies and he even filed a complaint A million dollar libel suit against Mahajan four months ago after filing a lawsuit against him with the Chandigarh Bar Association.

Panchkula Police have been investigating Bhalla’s involvement in more cases since busting an extortion racket run by him in collusion with an ASI. According to the investigation so far, Bhalla and his aides allegedly offer loans to unsuspecting people and extort money by threatening to implicate them in fake cases.

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