Oudh Bar Association will refrain from any judicial work for 2 days to oppose the proposal to elevate SC lawyers as Allahabad HC Judges

The Oudh Bar Association decided to refrain from judicial work for 2 days as a mark of protest against the proposal sent by the High Court College to the Supreme Court College to elevate some lawyers who do not practice in the High Court of Allahabad (one or the other of the benches).

The decision to abstain from judicial work comes against the backdrop of a letter written by the President of the Bar Association of Oudh, Rakesh Chaudhary recently to the CJI UU Lalit asking him not to propose the elevation of practicing lawyers to the Supreme Court as the High Court of Allahabad. Judges.

The proposal to refrain from working was adopted at an emergent meeting of the executive body which took place today at 1.30 p.m. under the chairmanship of the Association, Mr. Chaudhary.

It should be noted that in an earlier resolution of the OBA dated 11.03.2022, it was resolved and a request was made to the Chief Justice that, while recommending members of the bar for elevation, only persons of consideration who practice regularly before the Honorable High Court Judicature of Allahabad (sits in both Allahabad and Lucknow).

However, today it was discussed in the meeting that some lawyers who do not practice in the High Court (either in Lucknow or Allahabad) and do not appear before the judges, who are part of the HC Collegium, have been recommended for elevation and therefore the bar decided to abstain from work for two days.

This practice is akin to an objective evaluation of an individual and constitutes an arbitrary exercise of power. The executive committee decided that the eminent members of the bar had no choice but to abstain from work for two days on 16.09.2022 (Friday) and 17.09. 2022 (Saturday), to make their voices heard. This is an appeal to save the institution, and for the public cause, All members of the bar are requested to cooperate and strictly follow the resolution“, we read in the resolution adopted by the Association.

According to The Indian Express report, the Allahabad High Court has recommended the names of 16 lawyers for appointment as High Court Judges. The report says that in the first week of September, the Collegium, headed by Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal, sent its list which includes a female lawyer.

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