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WAVERLY – A new law firm has opened with a mission to proudly provide quality legal services to the citizens of Southern Ohio. Heather Henry Keesee, originally from Latham, is back in County Pike and building her own practice here in Waverly.

Keesee has over 23 years of experience in the labor market – 14 years in the legal field and the rest as a social worker. She spent most of her youth in Pike County and received her bachelor’s degree from Muskingum College. After college, she spent a decade as a social worker in Pike County Children’s Services, Waverly Town Schools and local schools in the West.

“Serving the citizens of Pike County has always been close to my heart, but law school was an unrealized dream. When the opportunity arose, I headed north to study at Capital University Law School, ”Keesee said.

During her law studies and the following years, she gained experience in the firm of Schottenstein Zox and Dunn now known as Ice Miller. Reconciling family life and corporate life was a challenge. Eventually, she moved on to a more family-oriented role as legal counsel for the business services division at the Ohio Department of Development.

Her passion for Southern Ohio remained strong and she subsequently held a position with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio. Keesee has spent several years roaming all 32 Ohio counties of the Appalachian Mountains, working with area change makers in a variety of capacities.

As much as she loved her job, she missed the practice of law in the traditional sense. In 2020, she got the chance to return home and practice privately right here in Waverly. After a cancer diagnosis for his father, unexpected medical problems for his youngest son and a battle with long-term symptoms of COVID-19, Keesee needed a change.

“Over the past year, life has posed major obstacles in my path. Each one requiring me to start looking at life in a whole new way. I needed to be in control of my schedule and my work life, especially when everything else seemed out of my control. Family had to come first. Health had to become the top priority, ”said Heather. “As I got up I started to wonder what the next step was for me. What started as a “what if” idea quickly turned into a business plan for my own office. In a matter of weeks, things fell into place which often take several months. They say it takes a village, and my village has indeed rallied around me. I couldn’t be more grateful for this. I look forward to serving this community for decades to come.

Keesee provides legal services in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, charitable giving, adoption, dissolution, real estate and business services. A top priority for the office is that clients feel welcome and always leave with a clear understanding of the tips they are paying for and the documents they are signing.

She also understands the frustration of the uncertainty that accompanies the billable hour and strives to offer flat rate services where possible. You can find Keesee at 118 East Second St., across from the post office and behind Love Café and Studio or online at or on Facebook and Instagram @hhklawoffice.

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