Members of the National Bar Association of Liberia denounce government interference in upcoming elections

MONROVIA – The National Bar Association of Liberia (LNBA) is preparing to elect a new body of officers who would run the affairs of the bar for the next three years, however, some members of the law are concerned that the election will be influenced and inferred with by influential government figures.

The lawyers, some of whom work for the government but preferred not to be appointed, said the government is interested in who becomes president of the National Bar and has therefore adopted a well-planned and calculated strategy to support the candidacy of a choice. prefer. .

“We have seen so many signs that the government is pushing its own interest in this election. And they do it because they want to get their hands on justice. Do you know what will happen when the government controls the majority of lawyers in this country? People like you will not get justice and they will get away with it. There will be no legal voice and that is why we have to stop it, ”said one of the lawyers.

According to the lawyers, the government’s strategy is entrusted to a group of lawyers called the League of CDC Lawyers, headed by the Minister of Labor, Cllr. Charles Gibson, who was responsible for ensuring that Cllr. Sylvester Rennie becomes the next president of the LNBA.

The sources said the government started by showing support for Cllr. Jallah Barbu, to whom they gave an undisclosed sum of money, in addition to openly calling on lawyers in government offices to support him. However, over the weekend, the sources said the narrative changed when the government realized that despite their support, Cllr. Barbu was not among the top two contenders for the LNBA’s presidency. It is also understood that government support for Cllr. Rennie was sealed when a relative of Minister Nathaniel McGill, who is also running for the post of National Secretary General of the LNBA, Cllr. Bornah Varmah and Mr. Rennie met with Minister McGill and other senior government officials. At that point, they (Cllr. Varmah and Rennie) convinced government officials to trust them as they didn’t want to be as loud as the Gongloe administration.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that since the weekend meeting, government support for Cllr. Rennie stepped up, with the Department of Labor (through Minister Charles Gibson and Deputy Minister Welma B. Sampson) being the nerve center for campaign strategy and disbursing funds to lawyers, while some members of the League of CDC Lawyers continue to do so. the work of the feet.

Our sources confirmed that continued support for Cllr. Rennie has a budget of up to US $ 200,000.00 because the government is determined that Cllr. Rennie wins the election at all costs. Meanwhile, sources close to LNBA headquarters confirmed to FPA that the two preferred government candidates are indeed paying the lawyers’ arrears, including their convention fees.

When contacted, another senior government official said that the government’s interest in the LNBA elections should not be surprising given the 2023 election, as no government would want constant criticism of the LNBA. , which recently became a political party, especially under the outgoing Gongloe administration.

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