Legal Assistance of Windsor gets $1 million to launch new program

Legal Assistance of Windsor is launching a new program called Supporting Survivors of Gender Based Violence and Sexual Assault.

The group received $1 million in funding from the Victims Fund and Justice Canada’s Justice Partnerships and Innovation Program to launch the program.

Over the next four years, a lawyer and social worker will support victims of gender-based violence and sexual assault, and provide trauma-informed legal advice, representation and support in and about the justice system. Canadian justice.

Victims of gender-based violence and sexual assault will have access to independent legal advice and independent legal representation. Additionally, they will receive the services of a social worker who will perform risk assessments, develop safety plans, provide supportive counseling and help navigate the system.

“We are very happy to be able to offer this service at this time. We know there are diverse needs in the community – some survivors need immediate information and guidance, others will need ongoing support throughout their engagement with the family and criminal justice systems, and others will want to explore alternative remedies. We are here to support all of these people,” said Marion Overholt, executive director of Legal Assistance of Windsor.

The project plans to work collaboratively with the criminal justice system and family bar to ensure they fill gaps in the systems.

This LAW project is one of nine clinical projects providing services across Ontario as part of the Your Way Forward initiative.

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