Lawyers engage in fight over Supreme Court Bar Association election results

Lawyers from both sides of the political divide fought a fistfight on Supreme Court premises over the results of the Supreme Court Bar Association election that took place more than a year ago. month.

The lawyers also vandalized the windows of the conference room during the brawl which began Wednesday afternoon, reports

A group of lawyers loyal to the opposition BNP party had intercepted a group of lawyers supporting the ruling Awami League, who were trying to enter the conference room to recount the ballots for March 15 and 16.

The ballots, cast in the election of Bangladesh’s Top Lawyers Panel, were kept in the conference room.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the group of lawyers supporting the Awami League, led by Md Ozi Ullah, former vice-president of the SCBA, announced the formation of a new seven-member electoral sub-committee which will recount the ballots and announce the results. .

Ahead of the actual election on March 15, another seven-member election subcommittee, led by senior Supreme Court counsel AY Mashiuzzaman, was formed to conduct the polls.

On March 17, just before the committee was set to announce the results, a candidate under the banner of an AL-backed group of lawyers, known as Bangladeshi Sammilita Ainjibi Samannaya Parishad (BSASP), filed a written request with the subcommittee. , asking for a recount.

The subcommittee had decided to suspend the announcement of the results and the chairman of the panel, Mashiuzzaman, resigned.

More than a month after that incident, Ozi Ullah, in a Tuesday briefing, claimed a new seven-person panel had been formed on April 12 for a recount. Ozi Ullah said he would act as the organizer of the new panel.

During the press conference, Ozi Ullah said: “Since April 16, I have sent notices to candidate secretaries of competing parties and have asked Mashiuzzaman [former election chair] hand over the keys to the conference room.

Meanwhile, the association’s current secretary, Ruhul Quddus Kazal, has rejected the legitimacy of the new election sub-committee, saying that Ozi Ullah and his group have no jurisdiction to conduct a recount because no decision of this type has only been taken at recent meetings of the association.

Kazal was running for another term in the elections under the banner of BNP-backed Bangladeshi Jatiyatabadi Ainjibi Oikya Parishad (BJAOP).

Former Additional Attorney General Md Momtaz Uddin Fakir and Lawyer Md Abdun Nur Dulal were vying for the positions of Chairman and Secretary of the BSASP, known as the White Panel respectively.

Md Bodruddoza (Badal) was the presidential candidate of BJAOP, known as the Blue Panel.

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