Lawyers deny legal aid to abuser of girls

MANSEHRA: The fraternity of lawyers announced on Saturday that it would not provide legal assistance to the defendant who stoned a 12-year-old girl to death after assaulting her in Dabgrat neighborhood of Oghi a day earlier.

“We (the lawyers’ fraternity) and civil society cannot tolerate such a horrific incident on our soil and have decided not to take up the case of the defendant who killed a young girl after assaulting her,” Waheed

Oghi Bar Association board member Khan Advocate told reporters.

Meanwhile, the newly assigned district police officer, Irfan Tariq, visited Oghi and met with the victim’s family.

The DPD said the police were with the victim’s family.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that the accused identified as Samiullah committed the crime alone and was arrested by the police,” Tariq said.

He added that the police had also obtained the accused’s two-day physical pre-trial detention by a local court.

Oghi Police Station SHO Wajid Khan told reporters that the accused suffered from speech impairment and confessed to his crime during the preliminary investigation.

“We had the expertise of an instructor from the Dam School for the Deaf with the approval of the court and during the investigation the accused confessed to his crime,” he added.

The young girl victim had gone to a nearby forest to graze goats and sheep the other day, but was found dead and her forensic report confirmed that she had been assaulted by the accused before his death.

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