Lawyers’ associations threaten “anyone who provides legal assistance” to Kashmiri students convicted of sedition


Several Agra law associations have decided to suspend legal aid to three Kashmiri students accused of sedition at an engineering school, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.

According to reports, the students were convicted under the law for allegedly displaying WhatsApp status in favor of the Pakistani cricket team after the team won against India in a T20 cricket match on October 24.

“We will not provide any legal aid to those who are involved in anti-national or anti-social activities,” Nitin Verma, president of the Agra Young Lawyers Association, told PTI.

“It will send a message to the country that Agra’s lawyers have decided not to provide legal aid to anyone involved in anti-national activities,” he said.

According to the report, Verma argued that free speech does not allow engaging in “anti-national” activities and that he condemns student praise of the Pakistan cricket team. .

“We will also oppose any lawyer who agrees to provide legal aid to these students whenever they come to Agra,” he added.

Sunil Sharma, president of the Agra Lawyers Association, echoed the same sentiment. “No organization has the right to get involved in anti-Indian activities. The lawyers’ decision not to provide legal aid would send the message to everyone in the country that no one should help those involved in anti-national activity, ”Sharma said.

According to the report, the Janpad Bar Association, Adhivakta Sehyog Samiti and other similar bodies also issued similar sayings against the three Kashmiri students.

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