Lawyers are rapidly growing their network at the Brooklyn Bar Association

The Brooklyn Bar Association hosted “Speed ​​Mentoring: A Networking Experience” on Thursday night, a program designed to help members find mentors and expand their networks. Pictured from left to right: Daniel Antonelli, Natoya McGhie and Hon. Joanne Quinones, Co-Chairs of the Mentoring Committee, and President Richard Klass. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

One of the biggest reasons to join the Brooklyn Bar Association is its strong mentorship program, and that was on full display Thursday night as nearly 50 members were on hand to serve as both mentors and mentees during a Speed ​​Networking event.

The event was aptly titled “Speed ​​Mentoring: A Networking Experience”. There were approximately 25 mentors and 25 mentees including seven judges, Hon. Joanne Quinones, BBA Mentoring Committee Co-Chair, Hon. Kathy King, the Hon. Bernard Graham, the Hon. Carl Landicino, the Hon. Lisa Lewis, Hon. Kings County Housing Court Supervising Judge Cheryl Gonzales and Hon. Devin P. Cohen, as well as other Bar Leaders.

“As someone who has benefited from both formal and informal mentorship, I cannot stress the importance of all types of mentorship, including fast-paced mentorship where law students and new lawyers can speak head- one-on-one with senior judges and practitioners at short intervals,” said Justice Quinones. “Rapid mentoring is a unique, fun, and organized way to network.”

Kings County Public Administrator Javier Ortiz was one of Thursday night’s mentors. Each group spent three minutes with each other before switching off for a new mentor/mentee combo. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

At the event, the members were paired up and had between three and five minutes to talk to each other before switching. This way everyone at the event had the opportunity to meet everyone. Mentees could ask questions and have the opportunity to follow up after the event.

“I am a first-generation lawyer and would have liked the opportunity to participate in a program like this during my studies to meet judges and practicing lawyers,” said Natoya McGhie, co-chair of the mentoring committee. . “Tonight’s one-on-one speed mentoring gave law students and our mentees the opportunity to interact with seasoned lawyers and judges from a variety of practice areas, without the added pressure of going to every person you see during of an event to start a first conversation.”

About 50 members of the Brooklyn Bar Association paired up for a quick mentoring event at the bar association Thursday night. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

This program works in conjunction with the BBA’s Mentoring Committee Mentoring Program which matches mentors and mentees one-on-one. These matches are often blind, made according to the participants’ interest in various fields of law. Speed ​​Networking gives people the ability to connect through shared personalities and experiences.

“It’s only through my involvement in associations that I’ve been able to find mentors, like our committee chair, Justice Joanne Quinones,” McGhie said. “My mentors have been invaluable to my growth and professional development, so it’s great to see that we’ve had great turnout. We received a lot of positive feedback tonight, and we hope the committee can continue to support and guide our mentees and mentors and help them develop lasting relationships.

Pictured from left: Abayomi Ajaiyeoba (in yellow), Natoya McGhie and Hon. Joanne Quinones. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

The event was sponsored by Daniel Antonelli, secretary of the Brooklyn Bar Association. Antonelli said mentorship was key for him to grow his law practice.

“Most of the success of my practice has come from my experience at the Brooklyn Bar, whether it’s the referral service, developing mentors through programs or volunteer work, or learning how to substance through (continuing legal education),” Antonelli said. “Pretty much everything goes back to the BBA.”

The Brooklyn Bar Association will host a reception for court attorneys at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9. It will recognize their work in the justice system.

Pictured from left: Sherlly Alceus, Hon. Cheryl Gonzales, Natoya McGhie, Hon. Bernard Graham, the Hon. Joanne Quinones, Jamie Baum and Brittany Bastien. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
Hon. Kathy King (left) and Raymi Ramseur-Usher. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese
In addition to the seven justices present Thursday, leaders from the legal community such as Salvatore Scibetta, president of the Columbian Lawyers Association of Brooklyn, were on hand to serve as mentors. Eagle photo by Robert Abruzzese

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