Law Office of Karan S. Thukral, Karla Bledsoe

One World International Partners is a group of companies dedicated to building a community of globally networked people, delivering premium business solutions. With the recent developments in the US economy and the considerable evolution of the business forefront, the organization has decided to step up a gear and has already become a pioneer in the business world. Karla Bledsoe and her business partner Ricardo Leite originated the idea, which opened channels, regulatory and legal solutions to facilitate entry and development of new markets.

With a blatant rate of globalization, more and more Indians want to internationalize their business ideas and reach out to the masses. However, a cumbersome legal regime is what acts as a fictional attraction for those seeking cross-border opportunities. Karan S. Thukral, in an effort to provide his clients with ease in international business transactions and related legal insights, has partnered with One World International Partners. The objective of this partnership is to fill the gaps when it comes to investing in real estate, starting businesses, setting up companies or simply opening a bank account in a foreign country while sitting your house.

Together, Karla and Thukral are ready to help their clients explore the American and Brazilian market. “We are very excited to merge with Thukral Law Group and help their clients explore and establish their business in the United States or Brazil. We strongly believe that foundation planning is very important for a business, and we we’re here to serve you,” says Karla Bledsoe, asking her opinion on the collaboration.

The association aims to help individuals and business people looking for new and lucrative investment opportunities in the United States to live their dreams. Karan S. Thukral Law Firm continually strives to make the entire process, from the creation of a business idea to immigration to the United States, a transparent and hassle-free process for its clients.

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