Law Office Of Frank Fernandez, Esq., Criminal Attorney, offers exclusive legal services in Boston, MA

Boston, MA: Law Office of Frank Fernandez, Esq. provides legal representation to clients with various criminal charges in Boston. One area of ​​practice is the representation of clients charged with impaired driving. The company is building a strong defense, which can range from challenging sobriety tests and working with private investigators to involving a toxicologist in the trial. Regardless of the defense strategy, the Boston law firm is committed to protecting the client from potential conviction, fine, and driver’s license suspension.

Like most states, Massachusetts has strict drug case laws, whether the drug is highly addictive or less addictive. The criminal lawyer represents clients charged with narcotics, from simple drug possession to complex cases of heroin or cocaine trafficking, etc. Using his previous experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney, he assists the accused in investigations and extradition and arrest matters.

In addition, the attorney represents clients at bail hearings, arraignments, and filing motions to suppress evidence presented by the prosecutor. In some cases, the law firm represents the client in plea negotiations and lobby for favorable terms. The team also accompanies the client in judge trials, post-conviction appeals, motions for a new trial and represents them in parole issues.

Law Office of Frank Fernandez, Esq. also represents clients accused of theft, whether or not the charge involves violence against another person. The team builds a strong defense to help clients reduce their chances of being added to the “CORI” criminal record and a mandatory jail term. In addition to investigating and building a personalized defense, they represent the client during a trial.

Additionally, the law firm of Frank Fernandez, Esq. represents clients charged with theft, burglary, shoplifting and shoplifting. Like other criminal charges, the team represents them throughout police questioning, arrest and arraignment, and trial. They also offer confidential advice, which is essential in helping the accused learn about possible outcomes and answering their questions about the case.

Clients who have been convicted and want the higher court to review all trial transcripts can get personalized assistance from the law firm. Whether there is a discovery of new evidence or a violation of their constitutional rights, the team helps them navigate criminal appeals in the appellate court. The firm also offers personalized legal advisory services and helps them understand the details of the case and the potential outcomes.

Law Office of Frank Fernandez, Esq. is located at 185 Devonshire St Suite 302, Boston, MA, 02110, USA. Clients interested in the services of the criminal lawyer can contact the team at +1 (617) 393-0250. Visit the law firm’s website for more information.

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