Law firm of Irwin Ast explains slip and fall accidents

The Law Office of Irwin Ast, a Miami-area personal injury law firm, tells Miami residents why someone may need a personal injury attorney after being injured in a slip and fall accident.

Miami, Florida – If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to hire a slip and fall lawyer so they can start working on your injury claim. An experienced slip and fall accident attorney will help you get the compensation you really deserve after being injured from your fall. A Miami Personal Injury Lawyer at the law firm of Irwin Ast can explain what a slip and fall injury lawsuit entails.

A slip and fall accident can lead to broken bones, spinal injuries or even concussions. If your fall happened at a local business, it’s important to document the accident from the moment it happened. You will want to have as much evidence as possible to ensure the success of your injury claim. To do this, you must take photos of the accident scene, obtain statements from all witnesses, and report the accident to the store manager or another employee.

Unfortunately, elderly residents are often the victims of falls due to the neglect of a business, a public building or someone else’s property. In this case, the victim or a family member should call a miami accident attorney.

It’s important to remember that claims departments and insurance companies want to settle your injury claim for as little money as possible. Don’t agree to anything without first talking to a fault attorney, as they will usually be able to negotiate a much better settlement on your behalf. When they need a Slips and Falls Lawyer, Miami families turn to the law firm of Irwin Ast because of their extensive experience in this area of ​​practice.

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the Law firm of Irwin Ast has been dealing with personal injury cases for years. Their experience and knowledge of the law helps their clients achieve consistently above-average settlements. They not only handle negligence cases in nursing homes, but also car and truck accidents, wrongful death, and any other type of injury.

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