Karan S. Thukral, CAN & PARTNER Law Firm

Can & Partner Law Firm is one of the leading firms in the litigation and mediation sector, covering a large part of the Turkish state. The firm was founded in 1993 and is currently led by Nevin Can, attorney. The Firm is proud owner of a multidisciplinary team of lawyers specializing in almost all areas of law; civil, criminal, commercial and mediation. As an internationally accredited mediation company, “Can & Partner” now seeks to offer mediation services to resolve multinational disputes through alternative methods across India. To this end, the law firm has partnered with Karan S. Thukral, lawyer, and is preparing to establish itself firmly in India.

Karan S. Thukral and his team of associates have been dealing with all legal matters including but not limited to real estate, business, inheritance, criminal litigation, family and matrimonial law for over two decades and have represented clients in 30 countries around the world. . The collaboration aims to provide clients with alternative and effective methods of dispute resolution, with an international approach to mediation.

Karan S.Thukral and his team work dedicatedly and continuously to make the full legal confrontation a hassle-free experience for their clients. “There is nothing better when learning and adapting new and effective ways to secure ends. We are confident that our partnership with Can will bring fruitful results and give a new perspective to our clients,” Thukral said in asking him his point of view on the collaboration.

Together, Can and Thukral are ready to offer their clients better and innovative ways to explore opportunities and make the most of them. In addition to providing active advice, the alliance should facilitate all control in the process of dealing with legal issues across borders while boosting the confidence of individuals through local forces.

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