Grungo Colarulo opens first personal injury law firm in metaverse

Grungo Colarulo’s Metaverse Office

We believe the metaverse has the same game-changing potential [that social media had in the late 2000s] and we are putting our virtual flag in the ground today for this very reason. “

Grungo Colarulo, LLC, a New Jersey-based law firm that has secured more than $ 100 million in verdicts and settlements for injured clients and those who have been discriminated against by their employers, today announced the opening of an office in the metaverse. The firm is considered the first personal injury law firm in the world to do so.

With the opening of this office, located at Parcel -36, 150 in Decentraland, and given its legal practices, Grungo Colarulo would also be the first wrongful death law firm to establish an office in the Metaverse, as well. as the first catastrophic law firm personal injury law firm, the first abuse and neglect law firm in a nursing home, the first discrimination law firm in the Jobs, the first workers’ compensation law firm and the first sexual abuse law firm to have an office in the Metaverse.

“Given the early stages of metaverse development, many lawyers and law firms may be tempted to call it a gimmick and pay little attention to it,” said Richard Grungo, Jr., founding partner of Grungo Colarulo , LLC. “But those same lawyers and law firms probably looked at social media the same way in the late 2000s before they revolutionized the way clients interact with lawyers and law firms. We believe the Metaverse has the same game-changing potential and are putting our virtual flag in the ground today for the same reason. “

The Grungo Colarulo Metaverse office will serve as a resource for people in the Metaverse looking for general information about any injuries or employment discrimination they have suffered, and will provide potential clients with the opportunity to contact the business outside of the metaverse. The opening by the firm of a metaverse office reflects two of its five fundamental values: communication and community.

“The victories we have achieved for our clients have been an important factor in the growth of Grungo Colarulo, but an equally important factor has been our belief that a law firm must provide superior service to its clients and offer open, honest and responsive responses to their questions and concerns, ”said William A. Colarulo, Jr., founding partner of Grungo Colarulo, LLC. “These beliefs are reflected in our core values ​​of communication and community. Our Metaverse Office is an example of our Core Values ​​in action and will allow people in the Metaverse to educate themselves in general about the legal issues they may face so that they can be better educated when they are ready to hire a. law firm to help them. with these problems.

Grungo Colarulo retained the services of the 11-year-old daughter of founding partner Richard Grungo, Jr., to build the company’s metaverse office. She has extensive experience building structures in online worlds including Fortnite â„¢, Minecraft â„¢ and Roblox â„¢.

About Grungo Colarulo, LLC

Grungo Colarulo, LLC is a New Jersey-based law firm with offices in Cherry Hill, NJ, Philadelphia, Medford, NJ, and Hamilton Square, NJ The firm’s team of over 30 members strives to help their clients seek justice for injuries their loved ones have suffered, including injuries sustained on the job, as a result of discrimination in employment, in nursing homes and as a result of sexual abuse or negligence on the part of an individual or organization. Richard Grungo, Jr., the firm’s founding partner, is a certified civil attorney with the Supreme Court of New Jersey, a designation held by less than 2.5% of New Jersey attorneys. The firm and its lawyers have obtained more than $ 100 million in verdicts and settlements for its clients. For more information, please visit

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