Girls ‘tortured’ by Major Kratie get legal aid



Kratie Town Military Police Commander Tep Huy at his home before his arrest. FACEBOOK

Volunteer lawyers from Samdech Techo Sen – a legal aid group set up by Prime Minister Hun Sen to help the poor – will represent two girls allegedly assaulted by the Kratie Town Military Police Commander for death of his dog.

The group decided to take the case after accounts of Tep Huy’s violent conduct emerged on social media. The two girls are cousins ​​and are both 12 years old. Residents of Kanhchor Village of Kanhchor Township in Chhlong District of Kratie Province went to work as housekeepers for Huy, earning a salary of $ 100.

In a video clip that went viral on social media, the girls say they were beaten and tortured by Huy, 42, on October 27.

“The owner, Tep Huy, beat me up, then he called my cousin to come over to him and he pulled his hair and hit his head on the ground. He then hit her on the head with a rubber stool and even made her eat dog dung and sleep at the dog’s burial site for one night, ”one of the girls recounts in the video clip. .

“When Tep Huy hit me, he put his foot on my neck, then one of his men in a white shirt came over and slapped me,” she said.

In the same video clip, the mother of one of the girls says that after this incident, Huy wanted to arbitrate the dispute and end it by giving her $ 20,000 but she refused and sought justice in court.

“He wanted to offer me $ 20,000 as long as I agreed to withdraw the complaint and he accepted the mistake and apologized. But I said I didn’t want it because you used violence against my 12 year old.

“They don’t know anything yet. No matter how wrong they were, he shouldn’t have hurt my child that much. So I asked others for help to obtain justice because we are poor victims, ”she said.

Military Police spokesman Eng Hy said in a press release that Huy held the rank of military police major in the town of Kratie. He was arrested on October 30 for the alleged violence. Others involved in the crime were also arrested.

The arrests took place following a preliminary investigation by the Kratie Provincial Military Police under the direction and coordination of the Provincial Court Prosecutor.

“Anyone who commits a crime must be punished and the law will be enforced,” the press release said.

Content Image - Phnom Penh Post

Both allegedly assaulted by Kratie Town Military Police Commander Tep Huy. FACEBOOK

Chhan Sreymom, head of the provincial court administration, said the case was still in the hands of the police.

The prime minister’s volunteer lawyers said they decided to get involved in the case at the request of the girls’ mothers.

Ky Tech, chairman of the volunteer lawyer group, confirmed to The Post on October 31 that the commune chief and the mother had requested legal assistance which was granted on the basis of the poverty of the victim’s family and the victim. fact that the victims are minors who lack legal protection while the offender is a powerful person.

“The judicial police, the public prosecutor and the court have the competence to handle the case, while our lawyers will have the duty to monitor the police force and to legally represent the victims”, he declared.

The Cambodian National Council for Children (CNCC) also strongly condemned the violence as unacceptable, intentional, brutal and inhumane.

“It’s very shocking [that] these two poor girls suffered this brutal and inhuman violence. It is understood that these acts have seriously violated the rights of these children, in particular the right to life which Cambodia has ratified and enshrined in the Constitution, ”he said in a statement on October 31.

The CNCC called on authorities at all levels to prosecute acts of aggravated violence like these in order to severely punish the perpetrators and prevent such behavior from occurring in Cambodian society.


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