Free legal advice, safety shuttle to end at the UB campus




Some UB student services may no longer be offered next year. These services include a security shuttle to the South Campus and free legal advice.
“I came to this university because of the student empowerment they talked about,” said Jacob Brown, student and vice president of Subboard 1, Inc.
As a senior at UB, that’s not exactly how Jacob Brown wanted to end his college career. It was part of Subboard 1, Inc. It is a non-profit, student-owned and managed organization that has provided a variety of services to UB students since 1970.
“And just like that, it can be taken out for no good reason and it’s really disheartening,” Brown said.
UB trustees plan to replace SBI with a different group – the Faculty Students’ Association. Now some of the services he provides could be cut, including a South Campus security shuttle and free legal advice.
Joshua Lippes says so many students are using free legal aid.
“We serve about 1,200 to 1,400 students a year and they come and they ask for a lawyer, my mom just died. I have this succession paper, what should I do? My landlord refuses to return my security deposit, I have been arrested, do I need a lawyer? Said Joshua Lippes, general counsel for SBI.
Lippes says these changes come after an SBI audit during the 2017-18 academic year. Last year, the UB administration decided to do its own review of the nonprofit organization.
In a statement to News 4 on Tuesday, the vice president of student life said the review found SBI to be non-compliant and not transparent in the range of fees. As a result, the university decided that the Faculty’s Student Association should serve as the new financial agent.
“The only services they want to keep are pharmacy and student health insurance. The rest of them they want to get rid of for various reasons, some legitimate, some not, ”Lippes said.
UB says the student government will always make programming decisions and budget.
“I hope their opinions, what they want, will be taken into account. It wasn’t done during this process, ”Brown said.
The changes are expected to take effect from July 1. Lippes tells me that the SBI has called an emergency session which they hope to hold next week.
He says he’s considering legal action.


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