FLAG opposes Roque’s appointment to ILC



The Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) has expressed its “strong objection” to the appointment of presidential spokesman Herminio “Harry” Roque to the Internal Law Commission (ILC) because of his statements defending alleged rights violations human rights of President Duterte and undermining the supremacy of international law.

In a three-page letter dated September 12, the FLAG said Roques did not qualify for a seat on the ILC.

“Mr. Roque does not qualify for a seat on the Commission. Although he has a law degree and has taught public international law, he is a political supporter who has actively shown his contempt for the state. law and, with particular interest to the Commission, has undermined the supremacy of human rights and international law, ”FLAG said through its chairman José Manuel Diokno.

“FLAG respectfully calls on the Commission to peremptorily ignore the appointment of Mr. Roque and withdraw him from consideration for a seat on the Commission,” he added.

The FLAG noted that Roque’s documented statements defending extrajudicial killings, diminishing the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) disqualify him from the commission’s work.

Roque was President Duterte’s spokesperson from October 2017 to 2018 and returned as a spokesperson in April 2020.

“His statements were made, alternately, with sneering contempt for the plight of the victims or a callous attempt to justify the same with inappropriate humor. He has used his knowledge of international law to undermine the protections that international law offers under a human rights and rule of law regime, ”the FLAG pointed out.

If he becomes a member of the ILC, the FLAG believes that Roque “would bring no honor to the post he seeks, instead he will tarnish it irreparably.”

They believe Roque made such statements and actions in order to bolster his chances of winning an elected office in the 2022 polls.

The presidential spokesman has been reported to be one of those considered by the wing of PDP-LABAN Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi to be one of his Senate candidates for the upcoming elections. from 2022.

“His motivations for doing so are clearly political gains because he has not been discreet about his plans to run for elected office,” he added.


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