ELI Deal Legal assistance for corporate buyers

An entrepreneur wishing to establish his business structure can either register a new business and start his business from scratch, or buy an already operating business with all its assets.

To do this, it is necessary to understand the legal side of the procedure, especially if an international transaction is envisaged. At the same time, they want the lawyers who offer services to be adequate, to know their profession, to have the necessary experience and knowledge, to be a model of client orientation and, at the same time , cheap. ELI-Deal confirms its availability and ability to provide customers with the legal assistance requested, as well as the availability of specialists with relevant experience and the necessary qualifications in the provision of legal assistance in matters of business for sale.

ELI-Deal business scope and accompanying points

Typical risks in the purchase and sale transactions of a company:

  • insufficient understanding of industry or scope of business;
  • the presence of hidden costs;
  • customer insecurity;
  • unverified or difficult to verify data on the parameters of the activity (revenue, profit, cost, etc.);
  • ignorance of the real reasons for the sale or purchase of the organization;
  • incomplete transfer of the subject of agreements;
  • incorrect structuring of the transaction.

However, one of the most common mistakes is misjudging a company. It should be taken into account that the buyer acquires not only a legal entity with a set of documents, but also property, relations with counterparties, debts, obligations and losses of the enterprise.

ELI-Deal legal assistance for the sale and purchase of businesses:

a) verification of the reliability of data related to the parameters of the operational area of ​​u200bu200bthe enterprise (profit, cost, etc.);

b) identification of the legal and tax risks associated with the activities of the seller, as well as those accompanying the transaction itself and its execution by the parties;

c) preparation of the documentation necessary for the transaction;

d) advice on modifying transactions;

e) analysis of the seller and its documentation, confirming that it has a business, assets, liabilities;

f) the evaluation of the operations, its conditions of conformity with the goals, the objectives of the buyer and the protection of its interests;

g) evolve in the negotiations and support the negotiation process;

h) support for the process of concluding and executing the transaction.

If the error of the previous owners was recorded when submitting reports and declarations, the tax service may collect additional funds for the past and penultimate year. To guard against such surprises, the former owner’s liability for payment of all taxes and fees for the period the business was owned by him should be written into the contract. The services of ELI-Deal will also be required at the time of drawing up and signing the contract.

Thus, the former owner receives a guarantee of timely payment of the agreed amount, even if his former business is closed or ruined. The buyer’s obligations under the letter of credit are additionally checked by the bank, which significantly increases the reliability of the transaction. At the same time, the cost of the money transfer procedure is increased by connecting additional services of the bank. The involvement of a professional Eli-Deal lawyer in the sale and purchase transaction will help protect the rights of both buyer and seller, expedite the transfer process and allow it to be completed without unnecessary risk.

A team of experienced ELI-Deal specialists with extensive professional experience in this field will help you not only with advice, but also with practical support for each transaction. A thorough knowledge of the general business sales industry as such and the laws of each particular jurisdiction gives our specialists the ability to introduce our clients to commercial activities quickly and safely.

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