Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights LLC named Best of Georgia 2021 in the Other Legal Services category

This Atlanta-based law firm helps people protect their constitutional and tenant rights by providing a different type of attorney-client relationship.

Hailed as Georgia’s best 2021 in the Other Legal Services category, the Edmonds Civil Rights Office has helped the people of Georgia achieve justice by protecting their constitutional rights. What started as a young girl’s dream to make a difference in understanding institutional social inequalities has now grown into a successful firm that has already helped more than 600 clients navigate complex legal issues since the COVID pandemic. 19.

Having been exposed to the criminal injustice system, school-to-prison pipeline, and industrial prison complex at a young age, Atty. Angelik “Angie” Edmonds found her calling in the field of law – providing accessible representation for fair results through her own civil rights law firm.

In particular, Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights has four areas of practice, namely Civil Rights, Education Law, Employment Discrimination, and Tenants’ Matters. Civil rights litigation covers cases that arise out of constitutional rights, such as police misconduct, bogus requests for imprisonment, prisoners’ rights, discrimination in contracts, and complaints under the Law on Prison. fair housing. In the practice of education law, the firm represents students who have been subjected to discriminatory treatment based on race and disability in schools and colleges.

Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights also deals with cases such as the hostile work environment, unfair dismissal and retaliation on behalf of employees who have experienced discrimination in their workplace. Not to mention that they specialize in complex landlord-tenant cases, providing legal support in defending tenants against eviction, illegal evictions, cases of poor living conditions (e.g. leaks, mold and infestations). ), breaches of contract and security deposit issues, among others.

Led by Managing Partner, Atty. Edmonds, the company practices a culture of fairness that strives for transformative growth both at the individual and community level. Additionally, Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights is committed to empowering people of color by recognizing how institutional racism has a collective impact on various societal issues such as generational wealth and perpetual poverty.

There are many clients who can testify to how Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights has helped them resolve their legal issues. Specifically, they congratulate Atty. Edmonds for not only representing them well, but also for showing care and appreciation for them as people throughout the legal resolution process. And that is precisely the attorney-client relationship Atty. Edmonds wants to be known because she takes pride in being able to build meaningful working relationships with her clients.

“We have a different type of solicitor-client relationship in our office. We use an intersectional client-centered lawyer with our clients. We aim to make complex legal issues easy to understand. We keep our clients informed of their cases and we offer tailor-made and strategic legal services according to the client’s objectives, ”said Atty. Edmonds.

More info about Atty. Edmonds and Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights LLC can be found at http://www.aedmondslaw.com/.

About Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights LLC

Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights LLC is an Atlanta, Georgia-based civil rights law firm founded and designed by Atty. Angelik “Angie” Edmonds to protect constitutional rights and tenants’ rights.

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