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CAMP JOSEPH T. ROBINSON (August 25, 2022) – For the sixth time in seven years, the Arkansas National Guard Legal Support Bureau has received the 2021 Chief of Staff Award for Excellence in legal assistance.

“Receiving the Chief of Staff Award of Excellence means a lot to our judge advocates and paralegals. This is outward validation that our office is providing the best service we can to our service members and veterans,” said Col. Jeffery Wood, staff judge advocate for the Arkansas National Guard.

The award, established in 1986, recognizes and honors commands that have committed their legal resources to help soldiers and their families with personal legal issues. To receive the award, a law firm must demonstrate leadership in pursuing innovations and improvements, and to win the award consecutively, the law firm must improve beyond the previous year’s innovations, according to the Military Law Review for Winter 1988 and The Army Lawyer, Jan 1995.

“Our judge advocates and paralegals have created a culture of excellence in legal assistance,” Wood said. “Everyone knows what the law looks like and goes above and beyond to ensure service members and veterans receive the highest quality legal assistance.”

Seeking customer feedback through feedback surveys and emails is what allows the Legal Office to find new ways to innovate and help service members and veterans.

“Our office is extremely unique when it comes to legal assistance within the National Guard, as evidenced by the fact that it has won the Lifetime Achievement Award six times,” Wood said. “Most of the other legal offices within the National Guard provide basic services. Because Arkansas National Guard leadership appreciates the value of legal assistance as a combat multiplier that increases overall readiness, our office has the resources and support to uniquely provide excellent assistance. legal.

Wood cited building strong relationships with the Arkansas legal community, state attorney general’s office, and veterans service organizations as contributing to the success they’ve had helping military, retirees and dependents.

“One of the biggest challenges facing military members and veterans is knowing about benefits and services, and where to go to receive them. Working together with other state agencies allows for a unity of effort that educates military and veterans about the benefits available and where to get them. Instead of telling someone our office can’t help them, we’re able to redirect them to an office that can help them” , Wood said.

The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to many recent innovations in the law firm. Video and phone counselling, creating a pre-counseling checklist, and educating clients about their legal situation before their appointment are innovations that have shortened clients’ wait times, helped the customer to get the most out of their visit and reduces the risk of exposure to the virus.

“Our office learned to adapt in fiscal year 2022. Developing adaptability was necessary to deal with an operating environment that required change. Whether it’s new pandemic-related legal requirements or staff changes, our offices have overcome and adapted to maintain a level of excellence in legal assistance.

The Arkansas National Guard Legal Support Office is located at Camp Robinson and is open daily Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Clients are strongly encouraged to call 501-212-5040 to schedule an appointment.

For more information visit: https://arkansas.nationalguard.mil/Home/JAG-Legal/

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