Delhi High Court Bar Association Condemns Act of Developing and Hosting “Bulli Bai” App

The Delhi High Court Bar Association condemned the act of developing and hosting the “Bulli Bai ” app at an emerging meeting of its executive committee held today.

The Bulli Bai app is similar to “Sulli Deals” which also sparked controversy last year by proposing “sullis,” a derogatory word that trolls would use for Muslim women. GitHub was also the host for this app.

“It has been decided that the Bar Association of the High Court of Delh unequivocally and in the strongest terms condemns the malicious, malicious and reprehensible act of creating, developing and hosting the application ‘Bulli Bai ‘allowing users to participate in a fake auction of several respectable ladies“, we read in the resolution.

It was further stated that the said act not only amounts to the commission of serious criminal offenses, but also targets and discredits female citizenship.

Further decided that the Delhi High Court Bar Association will address a communication to the Delhi Police Commissioner and demand immediate registration of the FIR, as well as an efficient and prompt investigation thereafter, so that all persons found guilty of committing the heinous crime be punished in accordance with the law, “ adds the resolution.

Importantly, the Bandra Metropolitan Court in Mumbai yesterday placed Vishal Jha, the 21-year-old engineering student arrested in the Bulli Bai App case, in custody by the Mumbai Cyber ​​Police until January 10, 2022.

The FIR was registered against the affected handles and the developer of Bulli Bai for offenses under Articles 153A (promotion of enmity on religious grounds, etc.), 153B (charges detrimental to national integration), 295A (insulting religious beliefs), 354D (harassment), 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult a woman’s modesty), 500 (criminal defamation) of the Indian Penal Code and Article 67 (publication or transmission of material obscene in electronic form) of the Information Technology Act.

The case emerged after countless prominent Muslim women found themselves up for auction on the app hosted by GitHub. Many women discovered that their forged images were being displayed on the app for an “auction”.

The women included prominent journalists, social activists and lawyers.

According to a report from NDTV, the lady managed three accounts in the Bulli Bai app. Jha opened an account called Khalsa Supremacist, apparently to make it seem like a Khalistani attack. Then on December 31, he changed the names of the accounts to sound like they belonged to a particular community.

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