Creation of a flexible law firm

June 08, 2022

With real estate being one of the highest costs for law firms after salaries, how can business leaders create valuable space where legal professionals actually want to work?

According to the office design company Oktra, lawyers are expected to bill an average of 1,500 to 2,000 hours per year. And even with the rise of hybrid work models, any modern law firm must have appropriate spaces to meet with clients and colleagues. An additional challenge is that this space must be able to facilitate both collaborative group work and discreet meetings.

As Barbara Dunn, Principal and Studio Manager at peoplesays: “Lawyers can work one-on-one in small chat rooms or even from home, but it’s essential that the legal workplace of the future supports the kinds of interactions and collaborations that don’t work. not well from a distance.”

Studio Reaktor, a Prague-based architecture firm, was commissioned to do just that.

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Studio Reaktor has flipped the old, well-worn cliché of a dark, stuffy law office with shag rugs and leather club chairs.

Their client, Allen & Overy, has 44 offices worldwide and wanted a refined space for lawyers, who need breakout rooms and teamwork spaces and who often work from home, but need frequent access to modern technology. A space that reflects today’s legal practice – a service that is often only part of the complex advisory services offered to start-up projects, large acquisitions or small IT revolutions.


Image: A photograph showing a high table and stools. Image Credit:

Post-its as design inspiration

Another design inspiration was the process of coming up with a contract and the act of studying precise legal wording. The use of highlighters and post-it notes when writing the contract inspired the wayfinding system of the office, paving the way for individual rooms.


Image: A rendering showing several pencil drawings of cabinets and windows. Image credit:

Corners as meeting spaces were also very important. In the middle of the offices, around the vertical circulation core, the designers placed the “Cloud”.


Image: A rendering showing a floor plan, with the “cloud” in the center. Image credit:


Image: A photograph showing the rounded corners of office spaces. Image credit:

All photographs are credited to Drawings are credited to An additional word is credited to Jakub Heidler and Jan Kačer.

Article written by Ella Tansley | Published on June 08, 2022

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