Court clerk to be offered legal aid after jail sentence, MCA says

KUALA LUMPUR: The clerk, who was sentenced to six years in prison and sent straight to jail for driving his car into eight teenage boys racing modified bikes down a dark street, will be offered legal assistance, MCA said.

Take a stand to help 27-year-old Sam Ke Ting (photo), who has not been released on bail, MCA Legal Affairs Office Chairman Datuk Tay Puay Chuan said his team would contact his family to make the necessary arrangements.

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He said MCA would provide him with legal assistance, including helping him with his appeal to ensure that she receives fair and impartial representation.

“The High Court decision is a setback for Sam, and we will give her the legal support she needs.

“Not only did the High Court this time overturn the previous findings of the two trial courts, but refused to grant him bail.

“We believe the law is fair and we will do everything we can to assist him (Sam) in his appeal,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (April 13).

Earlier on Wednesday, Sam was jailed for six years for a fatal road accident that killed eight teenagers in Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, Johor Baru, at 3.20am on February 18, 2017, after two trial courts acquitted her on the task.

This came after the prosecution won their second appeal against a trial court decision to acquit and release Sam, in October last year (2021) for reckless or dangerous driving.

On October 28, 2019, a trial court here acquitted and cleared Sam of the charge at the end of the prosecution case without calling his defense.

She was charged under section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

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MCA Youth Legal Office Chairman Ryan Ho said in a separate statement that the High Court should consider the dangers of ‘basikal lajak’ which endangers the safety of road users.

“In deciding on the allocation of liability in this case, the High Court should have taken into account the issue of modified bicycles which endanger the safety of road users, as well as the question of why the teenagers were not not indoors during those wee hours of the morning, but instead running on the road,” he said.

Ho said MCA would be in touch with Sam’s family for legal assistance.

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