Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office is a Nashville immigration attorney providing consulting and legal services.

Nashville, TN- If a person wishes to obtain citizenship in the United States, obtain a green card, seek clarification of their Spouse visa, or avoid deportation, they should contact Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office. Lawyers are committed to helping clients take crucial steps to build their case or understand immigration.

As a Nashville-based legal team with decades of experience working within the court system, they have a deep understanding of the law and a network of partners across Tennessee.

“We know who to talk to about the type of case you present, what documents to complete, requirements and deadlines. We know how to handle your case and will give it quick and decisive actions essential to resolve the issues in your favor. – Representative of a group.

Immigration laws are complex, dynamic and often misunderstood. Failure to follow the guidelines affects a person’s ability to visit, live, or work in the United States. Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office helps clients obtain their family/marriage and employer green cards. An individual must have immediate parents who are U.S. citizens, be the spouse/recent widow of a U.S. citizen, be an adopted child of a U.S. citizen, child of a U.S. citizen, or be eligible to work in the United States. United to qualify for a green card. With these requirements, lawyers complete their application process and offer travel advice with a permit.

The next step for most people with green cards is to apply for immigration citizenship. Attorneys leverage their knowledge and experience to prepare the documents necessary to file a petition with USCIS, guide applicants with documentation for permanent citizenship, present documents to USCIS for review/approval, and facilitate interview with USCIS. In the event of citizenship issues, the Nashville immigration attorney works with different government agencies to determine the severity of the issue and its resolution.

Non-US citizens using marriage to obtain a visa still have a lengthy application process, where they must prove the validity of their marriage. However, Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office allows individuals to enter the United States prior to marriage on a fiance visa. Lawyers educate clients about the requirements, streamline the application process, and offer proof of citizenship to the US citizen wishing to marry.

Additionally, the law firm handles employment visas for international executives, skilled/unskilled workers, immigrant investors, special immigrants, and professors/researchers. Attorneys also serve clients with queries to remove conditional green cards, adjustment of status, naturalization application issues, denials from USCIS offices, work authorization issues, children’s queries /brothers/sisters/parents, and many more.

Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office offers responsive attention and personalized service to guide clients through the process of planning, organizing documents, drafting forms and deadlines. To schedule an appointment, call (615) 242-3333 or visit their website to learn more about immigration law. The law firm is located at 339 Harrison St, Nashville, TN, 37219, USA.

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