Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office, an immigration firm in Nashville, defends clients’ rights and manages complicated documents

Nashville, TN- Immigration law is dynamic, complex and often misunderstood, leading to costly mistakes with permanent negative consequences. That a person tries to fill a Application for naturalization, facing deportation or wishing to enter the country, Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office creates personalized legal strategies to solve immigration problems. The family firm provides clients with legal advice, expert representation and extensive support on multiple aspects of immigration law. While lawyers draw on their decades of experience, they also draw on a youthful perspective and focus their efforts on client needs.

“We all meet regularly to discuss our cases and seek advice and advice from each other. Our number one goal is to serve you in ALL areas, and we will mobilize all available resources to achieve this goal for you and your family. We want you to feel like part of the family and we strive to treat you as such. – Company representative.

With a green card or immigrant visa, non-Americans can work and live in the United States without worrying about their immigration status. Although there are several ways to obtain a green card, Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office focuses on family/marriage and employer-based green cards. Lawyers explain eligibility requirements before completing an application. An individual must have immediate parents who are US citizens, be a spouse/widow/recent widow of a US citizen, a child of a citizen, or an adopted child of a citizen. Lawyers also break down the renewal process and what is needed to maintain/maintain permanent residency.

After obtaining a green card, most people apply for immigration citizenship. Immigration lawyers use their knowledge and experience to help clients during the Application for citizenship treat. They prepare cover letters, statements, questionnaires, and other documents required by USCIS. They highlight a person’s profession, accomplishments, and compelling arguments that qualify them for citizenship. Upon completion, the attorney presents the documents to USCIS for review or approval. They then prepare people for the interview to answer personal questions and follow the agent’s instructions.

Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office helps tourists, students or eligible Cuban nationals file an adjustment of status for permanent residency. When they file Form I-485, they change their immigration status to permanent residents without returning home to complete visa processing. At the firm, clients can apply for adjustment of status through family relationships or marriage to a US national. Additionally, attorneys triage requests for professional waivers to pardon unlawful attendance due to personal hardship, character, or other grounds.

Christopher Colavecchio, the law firm’s senior immigration attorney, is one of Nashville’s most successful and experienced attorneys. Whether a client is in the planning phase or organizing essential documents, the attorney helps them navigate the immigration system properly.

To learn more about the law firm, visit their website or call (615) 242-3333 to schedule an appointment. Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Office is located at 339 Harrison St, Nashville, TN, 37219, USA.

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