CN leader asks party legal cell to provide free legal assistance to needy

CN leader asks party legal cell to provide free legal assistance to needy

posted on 01 Feb 2022 | Author RK News

Jammu, January 31: The Provincial National Conference (NC) Chairman on Monday urged the legal wing of the party to provide free legal services to the poor, marginalized and needy segments of the population, hoping they will set an example in this regard.

A party statement said that while addressing senior officials and district chairpersons of the party’s legal wing in Jammu province on Monday, Gupta said that such a voluntary effort to provide free services to the poor , who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of their affairs or their proceedings before the courts will be highly appreciated.

Rattan Lal Gupta expressed his confidence that the party jurists will meet the challenges and demands of the present times, especially as Jammu and Kashmir is going through a crucial phase in its history.

He said that some people are in dire need of legal assistance and that missionary-minded lawyers must come forward to provide them with the necessary assistance to secure social justice. It is also a cornerstone of the philosophy of the national conference.

The Provincial President commended the efforts made to organize a webinar on such a crucial topic, hoping that such platforms would enable members to focus on the vital issue of legal assistance.

He expressed confidence that similar activities will be undertaken by the National Conference to help people meet the challenges.

Gupta said public welfare activities can be undertaken under the banner of the National Conference which has always remained at the forefront to serve the people regardless of caste, religion or region.

He stressed the need to further strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood, a proud heritage of Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking on this occasion, the webinar organizers expressed their gratitude to the participants, hoping that such a great platform to share the work that is being done and can be done for the betterment of the party will be put forward to all levels.

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