Clark Law Firm is a personal injury attorney in Lansing that advocates for victims’ rights

Lansing, Michigan- Personal injury lawsuits require victims to prove negligence to hold any liable party liable. Negligence can be considered the failure to take reasonable precautions to protect others. In a personal injury lawsuit, an attorney must prove that the negligent party failed to follow the rules/standards, which resulted in catastrophic injury, property damage, or wrongful death.

The Clark Law Firm is one of Michigan’s top-rated personal injury law firms, dedicated to defending the rights of the injured. The law firm includes a team of attorneys who pride themselves on their dedication to service, high quality work, extensive courtroom experience, unique trial capabilities and in-depth knowledge of the laws on Michigan neglect. Lansing clients benefit from the expertise of an attorney who provides personalized services based on their injuries, current/future expenses and general needs. The attorney collects witness statements, conducts accident reconstruction investigations, develops theories of negligence, responds to insurance companies/liable parties, engages expert witnesses, advises clients on the best course of action and builds a strong case to present to insurance companies/judges/jurors.

Michigan insurance regulations make it difficult to recover damages for injuries related to motorcycle accidents. It is therefore crucial for an injured cyclist or a member of his family to keep The Clark Law Office Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, which has exclusive experience in handling motorcycle and automobile accident cases. The company comes up against negligent parties who have not yielded, cut off a motorcycle at an intersection, improperly changed lanes, driven under the influence, stopped suddenly, or failed to travel at safe speeds. The lawyer begins by conducting a thorough consultation before collecting relevant legal documents, obtaining surveillance videos, creating models/graphics to present to negligent parties/courts and obtaining medical records to demonstrate the seriousness of the case. ‘a wound.

When patients are injured due to misdiagnosis, delayed surgery, incorrect dosages, abuse in a nursing home, or other medical malpractice issues, they can seek legal recourse from the practice. of Clark lawyers. The personal injury lawyer understands the complexity of malpractice suits and is committed to proving the negligence of medical providers or healthcare facilities. They also analyze/review claim information, determine the value of a lawsuit, uncover potential liable parties, and handle all technical issues/procedures on behalf of clients with car accidents, workplace injuries, animal bites, slip/fall accidents, truck accidents and wrongful death.

David M. Clark and Matthew R. Clark personally handle each case. Their aggressive mindset and trial experience have resulted in favorable verdicts for former clients, and they are committed to ensuring victims have a fair chance in the justice system. The hardships and difficulties that come with personal injury recovery are frustrating, and that’s why attorneys create custom legal strategies for representation. To schedule a consultation, visit the law firm’s website or call (517) 575-8131. Clark Law Firm is located at 910 W Ottawa St, Lansing, MI, 48915, USA.

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