Clark Law Firm, a Personal Injury Lawyer, Now Offers Exclusive Legal Services for Auto Accident Victims in Lansing, MI

Lansing, Michigan: The Clark Law Office now offers exclusive legal services to victims of car accidents and other personal injuries in Lansing. Due to the nature of the files and the attention that each file requires for a fair settlement, the firm offers each client personalized service from the beginning until the day they receive fair compensation. When contacted, Clark Law Office Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer begins by providing the client with a free case assessment on the strength, potential of the case, and any other details the client needs to know in the future. Legal professionals also assist the client in case preparation by evaluating available evidence, such as photos, and arranging interviews with potential witnesses.

Additionally, Clark Law Firm is experienced in helping clients achieve fair settlements after motorcycle accidents, especially since cases are more likely to follow a different path due to existing laws. the motorcycle accident lawyer collects investigation documents, police reports and any other statements from witnesses during the preparation of the case. If there are eyewitnesses, the team arranges interviews and contacts motorists with dash-cam videos. Once this is done, the attorney begins the process of negotiating with the insurance company, pushing for the best possible settlement. While most motorcycle accidents rarely end in a trial, the team prepares a case for unseen eventualities such as low settlement offers where they can opt for other processes such as a trial.

The Clark Law Firm also houses truck accident lawyers. In addition to being experienced in the laws governing tractor-trailers, these attorneys have over 30 years of representing victims in the pursuit of justice. In addition to ensuring that the client obtains a favorable settlement by creating a solid case, the law firm is committed to ensuring that the client receives the necessary medical care throughout the process. As in other personal injury cases, the team assesses the problem and gives the client an honest assessment, creating real and achievable expectations.

The law firm also represents clients who have been victims of medical malpractice by helping the client build a strong case and present facts to an insurance company or a jury. With the attorney’s experience representing clients in similar cases over decades, they help gather all the necessary evidence that demonstrates the negligence of the doctor, health care provider, or nurse. The team then represents the client in the negotiation with the other party, manages all communications and assesses whether the compensation offered is fair or not.

Clients interested in personal injury legal services can contact their team at (517) 575-8131 to speak to a representative. Clark Law Firm is located at 910 W Ottawa St, Lansing, MI 48915. Visit their website for more information.

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