Clark Law Firm, a Lansing personal injury attorney, helps victims recover damages for their injuries.

Lansing, Michigan- Clark Law Firm is a personal injury law firm with a passion for representing injured victims. The attorneys have over 40 years of litigation experience in Michigan, which gives them in-depth insight into legal processes, insurance company policies, and proper legal strategies. Customers of the Lansing Personal Injury Lawyer receive high quality work, dedication, respect, compassion and one-on-one time with the lawyers.

The law firm understands the challenges and difficulties of recovering compensation from major insurance companies after an injury. For this reason, attorneys prove negligent parties failed to meet a standard of care and economic/non-economic damages resulting from negligence. Lawyers also collect witness statements, review legal documents, conduct investigations, develop evidence/arguments, engage expert witnesses, support communication with offending parties, offer legal advice and create customized legal strategies to the settlement/court.

The Clark Law Firm may be able to hold doctors, practicing nurses, medical professionals, or medical facilities liable for medical malpractice. During representation, attorneys prove the existence of a doctor-patient relationship, duty of care, breach of duty, cause of injury, and actual/punitive damages. The attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of misdiagnosis, unnecessary surgeries, incorrect dosages, poor follow-up treatment, early discharge, incorrect tests, medication/prescription errors, medical device errors, catastrophic injuries and emergency room errors.

Like a car accident lawyer, The Clark Law Office understands auto accident issues to advise clients of their legal options, Michigan laws, and the process for filing a complaint. In addition to collecting evidence and proving negligence, the attorney ensures the client receives proper treatment and documents their injuries/medical reports. Due to the violent nature of car, truck and motorcycle crashes, victims often suffer traumatic brain injury, amputation/disfigurement, neck/spinal cord injury, whiplash, burns , broken bones, paralysis, nerve damage and wrongful death. While there is no easy way to determine the value of a settlement, the auto accident attorney considers the extent of injuries, additional medical costs, emotional trauma, and consequences. long term of the accident.

To protect employees’ rights following a work-related injury, Lansing’s workers’ compensation attorney educates clients on their legal rights, empowering them to deal with negligent bosses, insurance companies, third-party companies or large companies. They also represent victims of construction accidents, malfunctioning equipment, hazardous materials, workplace violence, soft tissue injuries and many more. Additionally, Clark Law Firm is experienced in social security law to help clients obtain their SSI, SSD, SSDI, retirement, and disability benefits. Lawyers understand the social security system to know the tactics of a trial or appeal.

David M. Clark has handled complex personal injury cases in Michigan and across the United States for 35 years. Together with Matthew, they have championed the rights of many clients, enabling them to return to an uninhibited life. To learn more about their areas of practice, visit their website or call (517) 575-8131 to request a consultation. Clark Law Firm is located at 910 W Ottawa St, Lansing, MI, 48915, USA.

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