CJI Suggests Indian Diaspora Organizations Consider Establishing a Legal Aid Center

Chief Justice of India (CJI) NV Ramana on Thursday suggested Indian Diaspora organizations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) consider setting up a legal aid center to help those in need of such assistance in India.

The CJI said that the national and state legal services authorities in India, which cater to the legal service needs of 70% of the needy population completely free of charge, would render all possible assistance in solving the legal problems of the needy people in India.

Speaking at a congratulatory ceremony hosted by the UAE Indian community at the Indian Social and Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi, Justice Ramana said the strong and growing relationship between the two countries will only grow in the times to come and that the strong bonds of friendship are bound. grow and reach new heights.

He said one of the main reasons for the close ties between the two nations is that Indians are one of the largest ethnic groups in the UAE and they have contributed significantly to the development of the UAE over the years.

“As the Chief Justice of India, I cannot make any promises to you, but I can suggest organizations, such as the Social and Cultural Center of India, to think about establishing a center for legal assistance to help those who need legal assistance in India,” said Justice Ramana.

He said the Legal Aid Center can be a hub for coordination between the needy and the Indian Legal Services Authority.

Apart from the CJI, Supreme Court Justice, Justice Hima Kohli was also present during the congratulatory function in Abu Dhabi which was streamed on Youtube.

Justice Ramana said that the Indian population has been completely integrated into the fabric of society in the UAE and one of the most important things about the Indian diaspora in the UAE is their contribution to India. “You all have also contributed significantly to the development of India,” he said, adding that whenever Indians in the UAE had to step in and contribute to the Indian cause, they were always there. height.

“India resides in all of you and I hope wherever you live for work you will always think of India and fly her flag high,” CJI said.

Justice Ramana said that wherever he went, he always asked and advised expatriates not to forget their homeland and mother tongue.

“Do not detach yourself from your roots. Support and promote your culture, celebrate festivals, organize and join cultural events. It is through these concerted efforts that you will be able to maintain brotherhood between communities and maintain much needed solidarity”, did he declare.

Justice Ramana said he had a meeting with the UAE law minister and other dignitaries.

He said that on the judiciary, there are bilateral agreements that India and the UAE have entered into which will help the two nations and enhance cooperation in various fields and relate to extradition, enforcement of decrees and execution. legal assistance in criminal and other matters.

The CJI said it had a discussion with the UAE justice minister over several important issues, including pending extradition orders and consular access to visit Indians imprisoned there.

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