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Amundson Law Office LLC provides legal services throughout the Metro Twin Cities area in all areas of family law. The law firm is raising awareness of the complicated nature of child custody cases and hopes to be helpful to those who are going through a legal struggle to get custody of their children. Readers can find out more about Lisa Amundson and her law firm by visiting her website at

Child care has different definitions depending on who brings up the child and who makes the important decisions in his or her life. It is also divided according to whether the aforementioned decision-making power is granted to one or both parents. Physical custody refers to the parent’s right to have a child living with them. The parent who obtains physical custody has the option of controlling the child’s daily education. This is very desirable as it allows the parent to be close to their loved ones at all times and watch them grow into healthy adults. However, there are certain limits to physical custody. Some influential decisions concerning children’s lives, such as education, religion and medical care, fall within the definition of legal custody. A parent with legal custody has the right and the obligation to make the important decisions that can change the lives of their children.

Physical custody and legal custody can either be assigned to a single parent or shared jointly by both parents. This distinction is called sole custody and shared custody. In most cases, sole physical custody is granted to one parent while both parents are granted joint legal custody so that they can have a say in the child’s future. Joint legal custody, joint physical custody or joint legal and physical custody may exist if the parents are divorced, separated or no longer cohabiting.

In some cases, when a parent is declared unfit to parenthood, one of the parents may be granted sole legal custody. This is only possible if a parent and their legal team present evidence that the other parent meets a certain list of criteria that the court says renders a parent unfit to raise a child. The decision on sole legal custody is not made solely on the feelings one party may have for the other. Building a case to appeal for sole legal custody is an uphill legal battle that requires a dedicated lawyer, like Lisa Amundson.

Child support lawyer Lisa Amundson talks about child custody, time spent with parents and visiting, saying, “When two hearts move away from each other, there can be a lasting bitterness that can be toxic to the mental and physical health and well-being of a young person. While no one enters into a marriage with the hope that it will fail, human nature is not always predictable and there is always the possibility that the idyllic family life that has been promised will not come to fruition. . The law has recognized the need to intervene in such cases to protect the future of young children caught in the crossfire of verbal and emotional accusations. According to section 518.17 of the Minnesota Statutes 2020, titled Custody and Support of Children in Judgments, Minnesota law makes decisions based on the best interests of the child. Our responsibility at the law firm is to present the best and strongest arguments so that our clients obtain the right to be in their children’s lives to the best of their ability. As a child custody lawyer, I have helped countless families come out of bad separation and live fulfilling lives that involve a healthy education for their children. I handle custody cases in all circumstances, whether you are going through a divorce, looking to change a previous custody agreement, or have children but have never been married. If you are going through a separation in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, call our law firm.


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