Bret D. Cook Law Firm, PC Partners With Potter Handy Parkinson & BensonTM In Legal Action Against PG&E For Starting Massive Dixie Fire

GREENVILLE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Plumas County lawyer Bret D. Cook and partner Potter, Handy, Parkinson & BensonMT filed a “Case No. CV21-00187” complaint on Thursday, September 30, 2021 against Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for its role in the catastrophic Dixie fire in Northern California. Law firms represent more than 500 victims of the fire that burned nearly 1,000,000 acres, destroyed more than 1,300 structures and razed the historic community of Greenville in Northern California and neighboring communities. The blaze is the largest wildfire in California history

According to the complaint filed in Plumas County, Calif., The Dixie fire started on July 13 when a tree came into contact with PG&E power lines near the Cresta Dam in Feather River Canyon. Although PG&E was informed of a power outage near the Cresta Dam early that morning, the utility company did not deem the event urgent, did not send a repairman to the scene for several hours. many hours and did not cut off the power in the area. The lawsuit alleges that PG&E’s negligence in maintaining vegetation around the power line, as well as the inability of the power company to properly respond to the situation in a timely manner, led to the massive fire that allegedly could be avoided otherwise.

Mark Potter and Brett Parkinson signed the lawsuit on behalf of Potter, Handy, Parkinson & BensonMT. Mr Parkinson said: “Sadly, this seems to be another example of PG&E starting a massive fire in California that could have been avoided had the company taken the right preventative measures and acted in the right way.” Mr Parkinson is calling for justice for those affected by the wildfire, saying: “I am honored to represent so many good people in Plumas County. I understand the suffering they are going through and I want to get them the compensation they deserve for their devastating losses. ”

Mr. Parkinson has represented wildfire victims statewide for the past 10 years. He is honored to partner with local lawyer Bret Cook, who brings his diverse legal practice and intimate knowledge of Plumas County to the case. Mr. Cook has lived in Greenville and practiced law in Plumas County for the past 18 years and is delighted to work with Potter, Handy, Parkinson & Benson.MT do justice to his community.

Mr. Cook is himself the victim of a fire. The Dixie fire destroyed her family’s home and law firm. Mr Cook said: “The fire not only destroyed houses, buildings and trees, it devastated my community. I am committed to holding PG&E accountable and doing justice to my friends and neighbors. Cook hopes the trial will help the community start the rebuilding process: “We are resilient. This event was painful for many. But there is a desire in the community to rebuild and come back stronger than ever. My goal is to help everyone get this opportunity.

Together, the law firm of Bret D. Cook, PC and Potter, Handy, Parkinson & BensonMT have the local knowledge, experience with forest fire litigation and the resources to bring justice to those devastated by this terrible situation.

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