AITWA Launches Lawyer on-the-Spot – India’s First Roadside Legal Assistance Program


The program aims to provide 24/7 road legal assistance to carriers to provide optimal legal support to commercial vehicles in need.

India, September 2021: AITWA (All India Transporters Welfare Association) announces the launch of India’s first on-the-road legal assistance program “Lawyer in Place” (LotS) for the welfare of the Road Transport Brotherhood. The Pan-Indian program will be implemented in collaboration with Lawyered, India’s leading legal technology platform, and will provide on-road legal support to commercial vehicles in need.

The program will provide 24/7 online legal aid, immediate local legal representation and education on basic rights and procedures to commercial vehicles in need.

Being the second busiest in the world, India’s road network transports 980 million tonnes of goods per year. More than 65 percent of the country’s goods are transported by road. In addition, road transport is the most susceptible to interference, i.e. forced stops by the concerned authorities and external agents which lead to corruption and the industry loses more than $ 20 million per year. The loss of productivity due to these stops is a big concern as it potentially increases the cost of the trip by 40%.

To minimize delays due to incidents such as accidents, thefts and seizures of commercial vehicles by corrupt officials, AITWA volunteered to launch the “On-Site Lawyer” program which provides legal aid on the road to vehicles. salespeople faced with such problems.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Mahendra Arya, President of AITWA said, “Incidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. However, it is imperative to understand that a majority of trucks are delayed due to forced stops or corrupt officials. Therefore, the efficient and timely intervention of a qualified professional who knows the ins and outs of laws and authorities is required for the welfare of the Road Transport Fraternity. We are delighted to work with Lawyered and look forward to providing optimal legal aid for commercial vehicles. “

LotS involves a transparent process and provides 24/7 legal assistance to carriers in need. The customer can call the helpline number (7669449669) and share the exact details of the incident. The hotline officials will then connect with the local authorities at the scene of the incident, including the police, RTO, tax services, etc. and will help solve the problem instantly. In the event of an incident requiring on-site assistance by a local lawyer, LotS will put the client in contact with a nearby legal professional or lawyer. This service can be used in India.

“Continuing our mission of making the law accessible to all, we are proud to partner with AITWA and expand India’s 24×7 real-time road legal assistance and access to the Brotherhood of Commercial Vehicles. Our goal is to help the fellowship reduce huge productivity losses and minimize the impact of such incidents. Said Mr. Himanshu Gupta, Founder / CEO of Lawyered. Gautam Saraf, Chief Strategic Advisor, Lawyered, was instrumental in structuring and defining this initiative with AITWA.

As the umbrella body of the Indian road transport sector, AITWA encourages transporters to put up strong resistance to corrupt practices. Through Local Lawyer, AITWA strives to legally fight corruption in the road transport sector.

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